Dj John Headley with large led numbers

Package deals with Dj, this side of the Dj business has really took of. Dj John Headley with large led numbers, leds you can change colour’s instead of just white, you can have, Pink, Blue Red etc..

Crazy few months on the Disco road far and wide

  Hi to all valued customers and guests, been a crazy few months on the Disco road far and wide. Motown and Northern Soul Night have done a few of late Oakham, Stamford Corby etc… . With all the Big floor fillers and some obscure tracks which is great. My all new photobooth is up […]

Quiz nights are back!

Quiz nights are back in big time, been doing Quiz nights in Uppingham, Leicester, Oakham and local. Picture Quiz, mixed bag quizzes, punters say I should go on TV quiz shows, You never know. Question in 1969 who was the Astronaut who stayed in the module?

Upgraded all my DJ lights!

Upgraded all my Dj lights now, super impact on the dance floor, the groovers amaze with there dance moves, At the moment I like all types of music, Northern Soul is up there with the best of music. Had lots of requests for 70s and 80s Hum Dingers. Every Disco Party is different though. Top […]